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Know someone who’s always moving their mind, their body or their dreams? Give your hömie the gift that keeps on giving and give them a voucher to join the hömmunity of people who move with passion.

Key Benefits


Mental Clarity.



Improve Quality
of Sleep.

Some of our Active Ingredients

Amino acid only found in tea


- Found in Focus
May help increase focus and attention span (when paired with caffeine), relieve effects from anxiety and stress, may improve immune function, may improve blood pressure control.



LIONS MANE - Fungi - Found in focus. May help relieve mild symptoms of depression and anxiety. May reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. May boost cognitive function and cognitive help.

CORDYCEPS 1% Fungi - Found in perform May boost exercise performance through increased production of ATP; essential for delivering energy to the muscles. May improve the way the body uses oxygen, especially during exercise.

Ancient medicinal plant


- Found in sleep Considered an ancient medicinal herb - used for 3000 years to relieve stress, increase energy levels and improve concentration. - and is still used to this day. Can reduce cortisol levels - a stress hormone produced by your adrenal glands. May reduce stress and anxiety. Can boost testosterone, sexual health and reproductive health. May reduce inflammation. May improve cognitive function.



I’ve used höm due to its diversity. The ingredients are balanced in a way which compliments whatever your day leads you to do. Whether I’m in the studio or hitting the gym, höm brings out the best in my performance.

Ash Minor, Artist, Producer, Writer
London, UK

For a busy active mum our days are never over, so when bedtime rolls around it’s hard to just shut off. A cup of höm sleep every night has me feeling sleepy whilst consuming. It’s like a cup of “warm cuddles”. Keeps me in a deep sleep until being woken by a little human. Ready to smash out another day.

Jax Topia, Mother, Creative, Fashion Designer
Brisbane, Aus

I fell in love with the focus as it tastes amazing, and also is a perfect alternative for coffee! The sleep was insane, I think I've recommended it to everyone, I found my body would start relaxing within 15 minutes of consumption!

Jessica Ann Shimmin, Mother, Disability support worker
Gold Coast, Aus

Been taking höm for 2 months now and have seen massive improvements in my productivity with Focus, in launching my side hustles!

Kaz Khan-Barnett, PT, Entrepreneur
Auckland, New Zealand

Product Review: Focus was an amazing alternative to drinking coffee. Great tasting and kept me motivated and focused on tasks during my busy schedule. I’m passionate about health and fitness and improving lifestyle habits through balanced diet. My purpose is my culture and my language that keeps me pushing for future pathways into spaces we belong to be in. Thriving and surviving is what we do.

Te Ata Rikihana
Otaki, New Zealand

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