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While the industry focuses on the gym, we are a new wave of lifestyle nootropics that enhance focus, performance and sleep.

BDE (Big Dream Energy ⚡️) Campaign:

Your future depends on your dreams

höm BDE campaign

We're passionate about supporting anyone chasing their dreams, that's why we're trying to give everyone BDE! They didn't believe in us, höm did!

FIRST, we are a platform for people to express their passion for movement (höm = The House of Movement) and secondly we're a range of lifestyle products.

All of the höm products are designed to to move your mind, body and dreams! We've got a range of nootropics and energy drinks to support your journey to better physical and mental health.

At höm we're never tired, always inspired.

We’re recruiting inspired people of influence to join our affiliate team to bring on more people to our growing hömmunity. 🖤

If you vibe with höm and are keen to become an affiliate then sign up below.

We can't wait to grow the hömmunity with you.

Why our 3 nootropic products?


Move your mind. Mental clarity starves your distractions.


Move your body. Momentum demands movement.


Rest your soul. Your future depends on your dreams.

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It’s time to be honest!

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