The Art Of Curiosity - Planting Seeds Podcast


The Art of Curiosity & Mental Strength - Planting Seeds Podcast

Posted by höm, 14 November 2021

Co-Founder of höm, Rawiri Nelson sat down with his long time friend and one of the hömies - Raniera Rewiri for a long overdue catchup and some exploration into mindset, goals, identity and the art of curiosity.

Identity and culture are important values that we strive to celebrate at höm, Rawiri speaks from his perspective and how he changed his relationship with certain beliefs that helped him persevere through his lowest points.

We all have a story, a journey that brought us here today which is a contributing factor to our identity and as you'll hear in the podcast - if it's your story, it can never be wrong. We're excited for more people to celebrate their identity and to have the same confidence in that part of themselves as they do with spelling their own name.

Raniera holds space and guides the conversation to an open and honest korero (conversation) between two men and their evolution through life.

"you can impact an entire generation by moving one person. That's the goal, that's our mission statement."

Raniera Rewiri x höm

Rawiri is a longtime friend and this is the first time his story is being shared in this way. His mental focus and clarity has always been a strength of his, even when faced with adversity.


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